Receiving | Perceiving English Literature in the Digital Age is an academic and cultural experimental programme, inherently transdisciplinary, focused on the various multisensory forms of literary interpretation. These various multisensory forms reveal as much about the time and place of the reception as about those of the creation, or more, and the reason is that, according to Rivkin and Ryan (2004), “all knowledge is interpretation, a transfer of meaning from one moment of history into another that always inflects what is known with the categories and assumptions of the later moment” (129). At present, with the digital instruments at our disposal, new radical creative and communicative practices have been emerging that potentiate different types of reception and perception of literary texts. Starting in 2016, the programme has produced until now two major international academic and cultural events – on William Blake (15-17 November, 2016) and on Angela Carter (23-25 May, 2017) – and is currently organising a similar celebration of Jane Austen’s art and life, to be held in May 2018.


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