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Ana Cristina Dias
Ana Cristina Dias is a designer and researcher in the Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (
CIAUD) at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (FA-ULisbon).
Currently she is working as an Assistant Professor within the Design department of FA-ULisbon, where she also develop a PhD. Her research focus is the triangulation Education-Research-Practice in Industrial Design area, namely on product design curricula adequacy to business challenges. In this context, regularly she publishes and presents some scientific papers in national and international conferences.
Her background is in Industrial Design.


Ana Gabriela Macedo
Prof. Catedrática da Univ. do Minho. Ph.D. Univ. of Sussex, (U.K). Directora do Centro de Estudos da Humanísticos da Univ. do Minho (2005-2016); Presidente do Conselho Cultural da UM (2010-14); Coord. do Programa Doutoral “Modernidades Comparadas. Literaturas, Artes e Culturas”. Publicações (livros) incluem: Prémios Literários. O Poder das Narrativas/ as Narrativas do Poder. Org. AGMacedo, E.Brugioni, J.Passos, Porto: Afrontamento, 2016; Género, Cultura Visual e Performance, org. AGMacedo & Francesca Rayner, Braga: Húmus, 2011; AGMacedo, Paula Rego e o Poder da Visão, ‘a minha pintura é como uma história interior’, Lisboa: Cotovia, 2010. Dicionário da Crítica Feminista, eds. Ana Gabriela Macedo & Ana Luísa Amaral, Porto: Afrontamento, 2005; Género, Identidade e Desejo, org. Ana Gabriela Macedo, Lisboa: Cotovia, 2002. Projecto em curso: Framing/Unframing, Resisting. Ways of ‘seeing differently’. Women and Gender in Contemporary art and literature.

Ana Raquel Fernandes
Ana Raquel Fernandes is Assistant Professor at the Universidade Europeia in Lisbon and a researcher at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES). She is the PI of the Research Project entitled The Reception of British and Irish Short Fiction in Portugal and Portuguese Short Fiction in the United Kingdom and Ireland (1980-2012) (acronym CC/ST – Contar um Conto/ StoryTelling).
Her research interests include the novel and the short story in contemporary British and Portuguese women’s writing. She is the author of What about the Rogue? (2011; Honourable Mention ESSE Book Award 2012) and O Pícaro e o Rogue (2006). She has co-edited Storytelling: Memory, Love and Loss in Portuguese Short Fiction (2016), The Power of Form: Recycling Myths (2015), and Contar um Conto (2014). Dr Fernandes has also published a range of journal articles and book chapters on aspects of British and Portuguese contemporary fiction.


Anna Lins
«Foi ainda a frequentar o Curso Superior de Cozinha e Produção Alimentar (ESHTE), que se iniciou na cozinha Japonesa do Restaurante Midori (Cesar Park Penha Longa) tendo sido a primeira portuguesa a aventurar-me por estes caminhos e a ser certificada pela All Japan Sushi Association . Passou pelo Sushi Bar da Bica do Sapato, QB Essence, e mergulhou num projeto a meias com o Chef Paulo Morais, o Umai “asian twist” e Izakaya do Umai. Redigiu um livro de Sushi e participa em vários eventos gastronómicos. Desde 2009, leciona as disciplinas de Cozinha Asiática e Cozinha Dietética, na Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril. Em 2015, tornou-se Chef Executiva da cadeia de restauração saudável  Go Natural, e dirige agora a cozinha do MISS JAPPA.»


Anna Watz
Anna Watz is Senior Lecturer in English at Linköping University, Sweden. She is the author of Angela Carter and Surrealism: ‘A Feminist Libertarian Aesthetic’ (Routledge, 2016), as well as several articles and book chapters on Angela Carter’s fiction. She has also published on the fiction of the surrealist writer and artist Leonora Carrington, on the writing of the feminist theorist Xavière Gauthier, and on representations of female desire in contemporary popular culture. Her current research includes a monograph on female submission in popular fiction, to be published in I. B. Tauris’s Library of Gender and Popular Culture, and a project that seeks to articulate the links between surrealism and 1970s French feminism.


Caleb Sivyer
Caleb Sivyer is an independent scholar based in Bristol, UK. In 2016, he completed an AHRC-funded PhD in English Literature at Cardiff University, which examined the relationship between gender and the visual in works by Virginia Woolf and Angela Carter. This was an interdisciplinary project that drew on ideas from narrative theory, film studies and gender studies, and which also benefited from archival research carried out at the Angela Carter archive, held at the British Library. His publications include ‘A Scopophiliac Fairy Tale: Deconstructing Normative Gender in Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber”’ (Gender Forum, 2013), ‘Concrete and Desert Islands: J. G. Ballard’s Proto-Posthuman Crusoe’ (Word and Text, 2016), and an article on Angela Carter’s cinematic fiction that is forthcoming in Marie Mulvey-Robert’s The Arts of Angela Carter: A Cabinet of Curiosities (Manchester UP, 2017). Caleb is also the creator and administrator of, an independent website that aims to provide a comprehensive online archive of material relating to the life and works of Angela Carter. It features news, reviews, exclusive interviews, and opinion pieces, and hopes to engage both new and existing fans of Angela Carter. The website also has a social media platform on both Facebook and Twitter with an ever-growing membership.


Hippolyta Paulusma
Hippolyta Paulusma read English at Cambridge and graduated with a First in 1997. In 2003, she signed a record deal with One Little Indian (home to Bjork) as the recording artist Polly
Paulusma, and a publishing deal with Sony/ATV in Los Angeles. She has released 7 indie-folk albums to date, and has toured the USA, Europe and the UK, supported Bob Dylan, Jamie Cullum, Coldplay and Marianne Faithfull amongst many others; she played at Glastonbury and Villar de Mouros festivals . In 2012 she founded the record label Wild Sound, an indie-folk record label which now supports 9 other artists and has recently been taken on by One Little Indian as a folk imprint. She began teaching Cambridge English undergraduates in 2013 and subsequently returned to study, receiving a distinction for her MA in Contemporary Literature at King’s College, London in 2016. She is now a funded CHASE scholar at UEA researching her PhD on Angela Carter’s influences from folksong, under the supervision of Dr Stephen Benson.


João Carlos Callixto
João Carlos
Callixto (Lisbon, 1977). Music Researcher and Author of Radio and TV programs. Collaborator of music and literary magazines since 1996, he has written books on music and notes for re-releases of many historical Portuguese music records. In 2007, he co-curated an exhibition on Portuguese Music from 1960 to 1980, which took place in Lisbon’s Music Museum. In 2010, he wrote several entries for the Encyclopaedia of Music in Portugal in the 20th Century, a 4-volume work in which he was also responsible for the discographic research. He is the co-author and one of the main coordinators of a TV documentary series in 26 episodes about the History of Portuguese Popular Music, nominated for the 2012 Authors Award (SPA, Portuguese Authors’ Society). He was a member of the Portuguese jury for the Eurovision Song Festival 2012 and in 2013 he took part in the Music panel for the Young Creators Prize.



Maria José Pires
Maria José Pires is presently Adjunct Professor at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (
ESHTE), where she coordinates the MSc degree in Innovation and Culinary Arts, and a researcher at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES/CEAUL), where she received her MA on how Angela Carter comes to terms with William Shakespeare in a post-modern context, and her Ph.D. in Literature and Culture Studies – Dealing with Appetites. Angela Carter’s Fiction’. She also collaborates with the multidisciplinary projects Digital Humanities. Libraries, Archives, Museums and Schools for Social Commitment, Inter-literary|cultural Tourisms in English and Portuguese, and the most recent interdisciplinary project Receiving | Perceiving English Literature, as a co-coordinator. Her current research interests are literature, culture, tourism and food studies.


Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Marie Mulvey-Roberts is an Associate Professor in English literature at the University of the West of England, Bristol and is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the journal Women’s Writing. Her most recent monograph is Dangerous Bodies: Historicising the Gothic Corporeal  (2016). She was the co-curator of Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter for the exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol (9 Dec-19 March 2017) and is editing The Arts of Angela Carter: A Cabinet of Curiosities and co-editing with Charlotte Crofts. Pyrotechnics: The Incandescent Imagination of Angela Carter.


Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère (Université de Lausanne)
Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère is a professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She has published on Dickens, Conrad, Nabokov, Rushdie and Angela Carter, the international fairy tale tradition from Antiquity to the present, and literary translation (theory, practice, reception). She is the author of Origin and Originality in Salman Rushdie’s Fiction (1999), which focuses on the poetics and politics of cultural translation, and Reading, Translating, Rewriting: Angela Carter’s Translational Poetics (2013), which traces the interplay of translation and rewriting in Carter’s fiction. Her recent co-edited books include Des Fata aux fées: regards croisés de l’Antiquité à nos jours (2011), Angela Carter traductrice–Angela Carter en traduction (2014), Cinderella Across Cultures : New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives (2016) and Translation and Creativity—la traduction comme création (2016). She has published several articles in Marvels & Tales, including « From the Bloody Chamber to the Cabinet de Curiosités : Angela Carter’s Curious Alices Through the Looking Glass of Languages » (Fall 2016), and an essay on Carter and Baudelaire is forthcoming in Marie Mulvey Robert’s The Arts of Angela Carter : A Cabinet of Curiosities (Manchester UP, 2017).



Ricardo Bonacho
Ricardo Bonacho is a Communication Designer who teaches in the MA in Innovation in Culinary Arts at the Estoril Higher Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies and is also a researcher at CIAUD – Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design of Architecture (University of Lisbon). He is a titled Specialist in the scientific area of Audio Visual and Production Media and is currently finishing his PhD in Design at the Faculty of Architecture (University of Lisbon), while working as a designer for national and international entities and developing his own projects on design, gastronomy and communication. He is the coordinator of design and communication of the interdisciplinary project Receiving / Perceiving English Literature.