The Bloody Chamber – A Taste of Angela Carter

‘The Bloody Chamber: A Taste of Angela Carter’ was shown at Fireworks: The Visual Imagination of Angela Carter, a recent conference held in Bristol, and appeared alongside a number of other videos in Charlotte Croft’s miniature cinema, ‘The Fleapit’.
By Caleb Sivyer at

Literature echoes the artistic performance of creators and through our senses, we may experience the most various aspects of a whole art. So does gastronomy. Such a perception comes to us not only through the numerous literal references to the food itself but through gastronomical imagery and metaphors encoded in Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’ (1979).
In this provocation of reading her voluptuously descriptive prose through the lens of gastronomy, food is used to portray her reading of consumption, which suggests an unrestrained pleasure to the senses. Accordingly, feasting on aphrodisiacal properties of food, symbols of fertility, as well as distinct beverages and their versatility and rituality, define the nature of characters and occasions.
This challenge of using a culinary grammar created by selection, preparation, and ultimate consumption meets Carter’s images of experience allied to the power of language in this short story. Also, the selected soundtrack renders visible what was just hinted

Still a work in progress…

Direction: Maria José Pires; Ricardo Bonacho
Storyboard: Maria José Pires; Ricardo Bonacho
Photography and Production: Maria José Pires; Ricardo Bonacho
Music: Diner Gothic – Dasher
Artist: Blue Dot Sessions