Jane Austen

The 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s (1775-1817) death in 2017 was commemorated in Britain and around the world in a multiplicity of celebrations, ranging from the purely academic to the openly popular. Consistent with Austen’s ever rising popularity, these celebrations has taken many and diverse forms across the globe, from the creative “Sitting with Jane” project3 to the celebratory exhibitions from which the ones in the British Library3 and in the Bodleian Library3 are but two, among many, examples. In Portugal, the National Library3 organised a bibliographical exhibition and a one-day conference on the reception of Austen in Portugal. Other two conferences were organised by Portuguese universities: the international conference “Jane Austen Superstar”3, by the Catholic University and a(n) (under)graduate one-day conference, by the University of Évora. 

The programme Receiving|Perceiving English Literature in the Digital Age joins the global celebration of Jane Austen’s art and life. Among so many manifestations, and focusing on the multi-channel (re)creations of Austen’s literary legacy, we aim at analysing the new meanings her reception|perception has originated in this digital age, in the fields of literary history, criticism and theory. Assuming a transdisciplinary approach, the programme will also continue to develop its experimental, multisensorial practices in considering the multiple forms the celebration of Jane Austen has assumed.


Jane Austen by Cassandra Austen
pencil and watercolour, circa 1810
© National Portrait Gallery, London